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The information about realization and transfer of nanotechnology developments in Siberian federal region of RF is presented below.

Realization and transfer of developments in Tomsk region

According data of statistics research, it was observed that in 2006-2010 there was a considerable growth of shipped goods produced by internal means of innovation organizations. This growth value is by a factor of 3 more to the value of 2005 in current prices (27 bill. roubles). The production growth of innovation organizations was accompanied by moderate increase of a shipped goods values, performed works and services of innovation attitude. This growth value is two times more than to the value of 2005 (9.2 bill. roubles in 2010). During 2006-2010 about 27 various innovation products were presented on near and far abroad markets.

An innovation infrastructure was founded in Tomsk region which primary activities are commercialization of scientific developments. There are about 40 elements of the infrastructure including 13 offices for commercializing of developments in universities and scientific institutes, which have 946 developments; 8 business incubators; two innovation technological centers; SP Agency of business development Seversk; three centers of technology transfer; seven consulting companies which support innovation activities. It was created the Tomsk sector of technology transfer network RTTN having an access to international and Russian networks of technology transfer. The system of electronic trading of science and technical products was created and is operating. During the last three years there were signed about 150 license agreements with industrial enterprises with using the innovation infrastructure. In 2010, business incubators of Tomsk students organized 56 students and youth teams realizing technological and innovation projects in the following fields: development of new materials and technologies, building, information technologies, instrument engineering, atom energy.

Tomsk State National Research University (TSU)
It has 139 scientific and technical developments including 44 of new materials and nanotechnology. In 2002-2010 there were founded 18 of small innovation companies including 7 companies in nanotechnology field. 13 of license agreements were entered for using the IP of TSU.

Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU)
In order to organize a pilot production of products from nanostructure ceramic and composite materials, a number of contracts were signed with NPP Nanokompakt to transfer of patent rights to use a Method of powder materials pressing and a mould for its realization Invention:
- Eurasian patent 005325 in Kazakhstan territory from December 17, 2007;
- Eurasian patent 005325 in Belorussia territory from December 17, 2007;
- Ukrainian patent 75885 in Ukraine territory from December 17, 2007;
- USA patent 75885 in USA territory from June 30, 2006;
- Russian patent 2225280 in Russian territory registered as 0018241 from February 7, 2007.
The contracts are signed as an exclusive license. The payment for the rights transfer goes as royalty from the whole sale of the license products.

Institute of Petroleum Chemistry SB of RAS (IPC)
Institute keeps in force more than 60 Russian patents and makes abroad patents. The patented technologies are demanded on markets. Now there are 9 license contracts of rights transferring to use IPC patented technologies.

Information about applications and transfers of developments produced by NNN organizations and enterprises of Tomsk region.

Nanotechnology information on market:
1. Treatment-and-prophylactic medicines, foods bioactive supplements and means of external use on a base of nanosize components.
2. Water integrated treatment installations and consumables made on the base of nanotechnology.
3. Nano electrodes of multiple and single use on the base of porous ceramics for human biopotential measurements.
4. Nanopowders of metals, alloys and several chemical compounds (oxides and metal nitrides) made of electrical explosion of conductors.
5. Nanoceramics materials and products for constructional and functional purposes.
6. Akvavallis microbiological filters using a composite fiber material made of ultrafine cellulose acetate fibers covered by oxide-hydroxide phases of aluminum.
7. Quantum sensible detectors, modules and units of digital imaging, integral nanosensor devices for data acquisition an the base of GaAs technology.
8. Sensor and portable gas analysis equipment on the base of fine nanosize films of dioxide metals.
9. Devices for microplasma nonmetal inorganic coating of machine elements for building, mechanical engineering, electronic and car industries.
10. Glasses such as heat saving, tinted, solar, decorative, mirror on the base of thinfilms nanosize covering.
11. Multi-walls carbon nanotubes obtained in plasma-chemical reactor having melted electrodes for production of plastic and ceramics composites.
12. Nonlinear-optical crystals of i4 and solid solutions on this base for laser elements and devices.
13. High-strength mullite ceramics for fettling of metallurgical ovens, high temperature filters of toxic gases and liquids cleaning, crucibles, holders, gating system of technological processes in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.
14. Ultra and nano- fine powders from inorganic and polymer materials for production of functional and construction ceramics, high performance coating.
15. Photomasks obtained by electron-bean lithography with project parameters of 90 nm and less.
16. Power supplies for magnetron sputtering DC and pulse current systems, power supplies for ion beams generators (ion sources), high frequency and high voltage offset sources, for electron guns.
17. Monolithic integrated chip of SHF range on the base of GaAs with 90-180 nm topological rates.
18. Semiconducting light sources on the base of nanoheteroepitaxial structures.
19. Light- and thermo-transition polymer films with nanosize filler.

Realization and transfer of developments in Novosibirsk region (NR)

Summary table of IP use in internal and business activities of NR organizations working in nanotechnology field.

Name of characteristicGovernment enterprises and organizations of science and education fieldsNon-government organizationsTotal
1Number of organizations381654
Licensing (total/including of nanotechnology field)
2.1Number of contracts of rights transferring during 2007-20093/10/03/1
2.2Number of licensing contracts during 2007-200920/50/020/5
Use of IP object in internal and business activities (total/including of nanotechnology field)
3.1Number of used IP objects103/02/1105/1

Quantative information about patent activities of NR enterprises.
Number of organizations 54
Number of works (research, R&D) 477
Number of works having a patent research drawn as a State Standard report 92
Number of works having a made petition 48
Number of works having an obtained patent 24
Number of works with drawn know-how 1
Number of made petitions (including of nanotechnology field) 172 (48)
Number of patent in force (including of nanotechnology field) 308 (57)
Number of registered know-how (including of nanotechnology field) 10 (1)
Number of license and contracts of transferring (including of nanotechnology field) 28 (12)
Of them: know-how contracts (including of nanotechnology field) 2 (2)

In accordance with presented data of using IP objects in internal business activities, during 2003-2009 there were registered 89 IP objects (see the table) used by NNN organization of NR.

Realization and transfer of developments in Krasnoyarsk krai (KK)

KRASPAN company
- Supporting metal frames and cladding materials,
- Aluminum composite panels of Kraspan-AL,
- Ceramic granite tiles by KraspanKerlit.

Krasnoyarsk engineering plant public corporation
Krasnoyarsk engineering plant developed nano diamond additives for oils and lubricants which were applied in the following companies:
- Copper plant public company of MSC Norilsk Nickel,
- Krasnoyarsk vehicle company, Co Ltd,
- Birjusa public company,
- ASSF Alykel close corporation,
- Norilsk airport,
- Polus close corporation.

JSC Information satellite systems Reshetnev Company
Core activities:
- A complete satellite manufacturing cycle; individual design and testing of separate satellite elements and assemblies, including the provision of computer-aided design and engineering services (CAD/CAM/CAE like Euclid, Catia, AutoCad, etc.)
- Pilot and series production; delivery; ground support for satellites, satellite platforms, onboard subsystems and their elements including pre-launch preparations at launch sites.

Innovation technologies Co Ltd
The company makes products under NANOPROTECH (Germany) trade mark. Innovation technologies are the only on the market of nanotechnology on protection of metal, current caring elements and electronic components from harmful contacts with water. All productions were developed by leading European laboratories on the base of advanced nanotechnologies.
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